Lima Travels L.L.C is started with the soul aim of providing pleasant travel experience to all our clients from various walks of life. The company is formed by our CEO MR. Thajuddeen Kuniyil who has been in the industry for more than two decades, with values that match the vision and mission of our company.

We have been growing ever since we started our operation in the year 2009, and we always thank our clients, partners and employees in providing us with valuable feed back which enable us to learn and improve our services.

As our clients continued to grow with word of mouth recommendations from our clients who had pleasant travel experience with us, we also needed to expand our services world wide. We are grateful to all our partners, worldwide who share the same vision and joined hands with us.

We know, as we grow, we need to integrate more and more to satisfy the customer needs and as a team we are willing to go the extra mile to see the smile on our customer.

Always promising a pleasant travel experience.

Our vision

To provide all our clients a pleasant travel experience at an affordable package.

Our Mission

To employ best talents.

To Partner with world class service providers.

To continuously learn and improve our services from the feed back of our clients, partners and employees.


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